Easy Spinach Paratha- Flat Bread | Palak, Methi Paratha | How to make spinach paratha

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We try to use spinach in our meal atleast once or twice a week. I usually make “Paruppu Keeria(lentils spinach curry)” with it. I had a few bunches of spinach(Palak, Methi, Dill, ..) in my fridge and I wanted to use it. Had no interest to make any dish with dal, so made paratha for lunch and what a refreshing change it was from routine menu :). I get bored of same variety of food very soon, so I have to try different varieties to keep up the mood to get to kitchen.




























Paratha is a flat bread most popular in North Indian. Parathas are usually stuffed(with potatoes, panner – cottage cheese, cauliflower, raddish,..), but there are other simple paratha too which can be made by mixed the vegetables in the dough while kneading, and these are prepared in the same way as roti on tawa.

This dish has chopped spinach mixed with the dough. It’s easier version that stuffed parathas and very satisfying too.

Let’s move on to how to make spinach paratha :-


1  cup whole wheat flour

1 cup palak leaves(spinach)

1/4 cup curd(yougurt)

1/2 tspn roasted cumin powder

1/4 tspn garam masala powder(you can make this at home by first dry roast on low flame  —-  4 cloves, 2 inch cinnamom stick, 1 cardamom, 1/2 tspn pf coriander seeds, 1/4 tspn of cumin, 1/2 tspn black pepper corns and then blend them into fine powder. Garam masala is used in various curry dishes in India and it’s called the “mafic spice”)

1/2 tspn tumeric powder

Salt to taste

1 tspn oil

Ghee(clarified butter)/oil for spreading on parathas to cook














Method of Preparation:-

Pick the spinach leaves, wash them thoroughly in water and chop them fine.

In a deep bottomed pan , add 1/2 tspn of oil. Once hot, add chopped spinach, saute for 10-15 secs on medium flame. Next add turmeric powder and garam masala and saute for 20 secs. Remove from stove and keep aside. You need not have to cook the spinach fully.

Spinach Paratha






In a wide bowl, add wheat flour, sauteed spinach mixture, curd, salt to taste and cumin powder and knead the dough to the consistency of roti dough. Add water if required. I just added 1-2 tspn of water, as curd and spinach mixture itself had lot of moisture content.

Spinach Paratha1






Rub the remaining 1/2 tspn oil all over the dough, cover the dough with damp cloth and leave it to rest for 30mins to 1 hour.

After the resting time, Heat tawa. Pinch lemon sized balls from dough, dust the rolling surface with little flour and flatten the dough to round shape.

Transfer the rolled parathas to tawa and cook it on medium flame on both side until golden brown. Add ghee or oil on both sides while cooking it.

Spinach Paratha2







Parathas are ready. Serve them hot with curd and pickle. YUMMMY, HEALTHY and HEAVENLY :)

I love home made parathas with curd and pickle.

















If you don’t have curd, knead the dough with warm milk or water.

Follow the same steps for any type of spinach, like methi.

Resting the dough is important, it helps to make softer parathas. Don’t skip this.

If you don’t like garam masala, you can avoid adding it to the parathas. But roasted cumin powder gives a wonderful aroma to the parathas. So i recommend cumin powder.


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  1. Archana Sankaranarayanan says:

    Did you add a pinch of salt to spinach or directly to the dough?

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