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Mint Pulao or Pudina rice is one my favorite variety rice dish. I love this dish for it’s amazing  flavor and also it’s easy to make this instant rice dish. Mint flavored pulao has many variations, you can make it plain mint pulao, add veggies or add soya chunks(meal maker) to it to make it healthy. It’s a straight forward dish which uses mostly common ingredients keep at home pantry and the main hero ingredients “pudina”,or “mint leaves”

Moving to how to make pudina pulao-


For the paste-

1 cup pudina or mint leaves

1 cup coriander leaves

4 green chillies

3 tbspn chopped fresh coconut

For the Pulao-

2 green chillies slit in the middle

2 tspn ginger-garlic paste

1 cup boiled vegetables of your choice(i used carrots and beans, you can even use corn, green peas,..any veg of your choice)

2 cups basmati rice

2 medium sized onions

2 piece cinnamon

4 small cloves

2-3 green cardamom pods

1 small bay leaves

3 tbspn oil

Salt to taste

4 cups water











Method of preparation:-

First cook basmati rice seperately in a open pot or pressure cooker. I cooked basmati rice in open pot.

Method of cooking basmati rice

Click here to learn how to cook basmati rice in open pot. Keep the cooked rice aside.

Pick the mint and coriander leaves, wash them thoroughly and in a blender, put all the ingredients called for paste and blend it into a fine paste.Add 1-2 tspn water if required while grinding them to fine paste.

Pudina Pulao1





Steam chopped veggies until it 3/4th cooked. I steamed them in pressure cooker for until 1 whistle. Steaming helps the veggies retain it’s vibrant color. Keep them aside.

Pudina Pulao





In a kadai, heat oil, to hot oil add all the whole spices(cinnamon, cloves, cardamon, bay leaves) and fry for a minute.

Next add finely chopped onions and slit green chillies and saute until onions turn translucent.

Add ginger-garlic paste and saute until the raw smell of the paste is gone. This step is important, if ginger-garlic paste is not sauted enough in oil, the pulao will have raw flavor in it.

Pudina Pulao2





Now add the mint leaves paste and saute for about 4-5 mins until oil separates from the sides of the pan. Add salt to taste and mix well. Finely add the steamed veggies and give it a mix.

Pudina Pulao3





Finally add the cooked basmati rice, reduce the flame to low and very gently mix until all the ingredients are blended, be gentle while mixing, as basmati rice can break if not.

Pudina Pulao4





Pudina pulao is ready. Serve it hot with any raita and a side dish. I served mint pulao with onion raita and dill leaves masala vada. Or enjoy the pulao as it is. It’s good to be eaten as it is too.








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