Motichoor Ladoos | Sweet Ladoos | Step wise instructions for motichoor ladoo recipe

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Boondi is a Indian snack made from Chickpea flour. It is a fried snack that can be prepared in two different flavors sweet and salty (khara). Today I have make the sweet boondi and made boondi ladoos.

This is my virtual treat to all following currytrail, a celebration for a small mile stone, 100 likes. :D.

Motichoor ladoo  is the made using tiny boondi/fried gram flour balls. boondi ladoo has the gram flour balls bigger in size and motichoor ladoos have smaller ones. Make these for festivals(Diwali, navarathri, ..)or during pooja for your Deity. Or simply make them for any celebrations and enjoy them., They are very popular sweet dish used by many for celebrations, so I thought it goes perfect for my tiny celebration.

Here’s step wise instructions for motichoor ladoo recipe-

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For Sugar Syrup-
Sugar – 1 cup
Water 1/2 cup
Saffron Strands – a pinch full
Rose Water – 1 tspn

For Boondi-
Gram Flour – 1 cup
Saffron strands – a pinch full
Cardamom powder – 1/4 tspn
Water – 3/4 cup
oil for frying(You can use ghee too)
MuskMelon Seeds – 2 tbspn

For Garnish-
Pistachios pieces
Saffron strands


Method Of Preparation:-

In a non stick pan, add sugar, water, saffron strands, and mix well. Bring it to boil. Once you see bigger bubbles, check for the “one string” consistency.
To test “one string” consistency-
1. Touch the sugar syrup between your thumb and index finger and try to seperate the finger slowly, you will see a string between the finger.
2. Another test for “one string” consistency is – in a small bowl of water, add the sugar syrup, if the sugar doesn’t dissolve and forms a lump at the bottom, it’s the right consistency.
Once the string consistency is reached, switch off the flame and keep the syrup aside.

Mothichoor Ladoo1 Mothichoor Ladoo2











For Boondis-
In a bowl, add gram flour, cardamom powder, saffron strands and water and using a whisk mix well until no lumps are left. The batter should be pouring consistency and no too thick.

Mothichoor Ladoo3






Heat oil in a kadai, to hot oil, pour the batter on a perforated spatula and using a large spoon press the batter in circular motion so the batter falls from perforated spatula holes into hot oil. Fry the boondis, for about 30 sec until brown(Do not over fry them!!). You’ll know boondi’s are cooked when the bubbles in hot oil reduces. Remove the bondis from hot oil and place it into another bowl.
Repeat the above step for rest of the batter. Before you pour the next round of batter, wipe the perforated spatula using a clean kitchen towel and continue the next batch.

Mothichoor Ladoo4 Mothichoor Ladoo5











If sugar syrup has cooled down and turned hard, heat it up a bit, that’ll dissolve the hardened sugar. Now add the hot sugar syrup into the boondi’s. Place this mix in a food processor, add 1-2 tbpspn of hot water and pulse it for 30 secs to 1 min unti the boondi’s have broken down. Do not over pulse and make a paste, it’ll be difficult to make boondi’s.

Mothichoor Ladoo6






Remove the mix from processor into a wode bowl, add musk melon seeds, mix well. Now start making boondi’s – take a lime sized ball of the mix and roll into a perfect round shape. You’ll have to make the boondi’s while they are still hot/warm.






Mothichoor Ladoo7 Mothichoor Ladoo8















Serve them.

If you are making these as prasad, serve them to your Diety and then enjoy them!

Mothichoor Ladoo










Sending this recipe to For the contest “Indian dessert recipes Sponsored by and” on Raksha’s Kitchen



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    Wish u send some ladoos, drooling..Congrats Jyothi..

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    Oh ladoos looks perfect ,yummy ..

  3. Sunitha Nair says:

    They look awesome :-) i have made sweet boondi but have stopped at that…will foolow your recipe to make the laddoo :-)

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