“Bloody” Halloween Soup | Roasted tomato soup with step by step pictures

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This delicious soup recipe is great all year round. It’s so easy to make – requiring very little effort at all and is a really warming treat for when you get back from Trick or Treating! :D

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Here’s Roasted tomato soup with step by step pictures


Ripe tomatoes – 3 nos
Carrots – 1 small
Beetroot – 2-3 small pieces
Onions – 2-3 small slices
Garlic cloves – 6-8 nos crushed
Kosher salt – As required
Crushed pepper – to garnish(to taste)
Olive oil – 2-3 tbspns
Mint leaves – to garnish(optional)

Method of preparation:-

1. Roughly cut the tomatoes, carrot, beet and onions. Grease a baking tray with olive oil. Place all the chopped veggies on the tray. Roasted tomato sou






2. Sprinkle kosher salt or rock salt over the veggies and drizzle some olive oil.

3. Roast the veggies in pre-heated oven at 170 deg centi for about 10-15 mins or until the veggies shrink and tomatoes have softened and released their juices(which indicates tomatoes are cooked)

Roasted tomato sou1






4. Remove from oven and allow them to cool down a bit. Transfer the roasted veggies to a blender and pulse it to make a smooth puree.









5. Heat about 1 tbspn of olive oil in a wide pan, transfer the smooth veggie puree to the hot pan(here if you wish you can sieve the puree to get thin and fine consistency), I don’t sieve it as I like to retain the nutrients of the veggie.

6. Bring it to boil and season with salt(if required) and crushed pepper. Turn off flame.

Roasted tomato sou2






7. “Bloody” tomato soup is ready. Serve them piping hot with garlic bread, or bread sticks.

I have used carrots and beet along with tomato. This enhances the color of the juice(To get the rich red color) and also adds more nutrient values.
Like mentioned above you can sieve the puree and make a thin smooth consistency soup.
I have used olive oil as I wanted to keep it low-fat. You can choose to use butter and also add some cream to the soup to give it rich taste.


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4 Responses

  1. Love this Jyothi! I’m all about Halloween food right now, this is a great idea. Roasted tomato soup is one of my favorites. I especially like the use of beet root and mint in your recipe, that’s something I need to try.

  2. shailaja sen says:

    So tempting jyothi….nice clicks

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