Rasmalai Recipe with step by step pictures

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Rasmalai is a famous Bengali sweet made from rasagullas. Rasagullas are made from paneer(Indian cottage cheese), paneer is cooked in sugar syrup to give soft and spongy rasagullas. ‘Rasmalai’ translates to ras means juice and malai means cream. Rasmalai is basically rasagulla’s served with saffron flavoured creamy milk. I made these rasmalai all from scratch. I first made rasagullas and then the rasmalai from rasgullas. I will post rasagullas recipe very soon.

So the reason behind making this famous Bengali sweet is to virtually treat all the new followers of currytrail. Thank you for your support and keep visiting CT.

aallii DSC_0427 DSC_0431 [] DSC_0442 Rasmalai Recipe with step by step pictures


Rasagullas – 6 nos(made from 750ml or 3/4 litre milk)
Full cream milk – 500 ml
Saffron strands – 15-20
Sugar – 1 cup
Chopped nuts(pistachios and almonds) – 1/4 cup
Method of preparation:-

1. Keep the rasagullas(will post recipe for rasagulla all from scratch very soon) soaked in sugar syrup until you use it.










2. Soak saffron strands in 2-3 tbspn of warm milk for minimum 30 mins.










3. In a non stick pan add milk and bring it to boil. It’s better to use non stick so the milk doesn’t get burnt at the bottom in non stick. Once milk starts boiling reduce flame to medium and continue to boil till milk reduces to 1/4 cup(that is reduced more than half of it’s original quantity). Make sure to stir at regular intervals and to scrap off the sides of the pan(this will prevent the milk from burning) and remember the flame to be medium or law through out the process.






4. Once milk has reduced to more than half add sugar and mix well. Keep stirring until all sugar dissolves.

5. Now add chopped nuts(pistachios and almonds) and mix well.






6. Finally add the saffron soaked milk and continue to boil the milk for 5 mins on medium flame.

7. Turn off the heat and keep the saffron infused creamy milk aside to cool a bit.






8. Now remove the rasagullas from sugar syrup and gently press the rasagullas between 2 ladles to squeeze out the sugar syrup from it.











9. Place the rasagullas in the saffron infused milk.

10. The heavenly, soft, spongy, creamy rasmalai is ready to be served. Rasmalai tastes best when served chilled. So you can refrigerate it and then serve.

11. Enjoy!




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