Eggless Strawberry Ice cream

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I love love love ice cream… seriously, who doesn’t right!I know I love all things ice cream, especially strawberry ice cream.

My daughter loves strawberries and so I thought of making strawberry ice cream a long time ago and never got around to it! Strawberries are everywhere in the grocery store and they are ripe, juicy and delicious, so no more excuses, I just had to make it. This is a very simple recipe and it’s egg less too. Most store bought ice creams contain preservatives and other unwanted additives, with the home made ice cream you don’t have to worry about it. Make this easy home made egg less ice cream.

DSC_0915_229 DSC_0896_222 DSC_0911_228 DSC_0905_226 DSC_0899_224 Here’s home made egg less strawberry ice cream recipe –

Recipe adapted from TarlaDalal

Strawberries – 1 cup(crushed) or about 15-20 nos crushed
Powdered sugar – 3/4 cup(if your strawberries are sweet then you can reduce the sugar)
Chilled Fresh cream – 3/4 cup(I used amul)
Chilled Full fat milk – 1 cup(it’s important to use full fat milk, with low fat the ice cream won’t come out well and won’t taste good at all)
Lemon juice – 1/2 tspn

Method of preparation:-

1. Clean the strawberries, remove the leaves. Crush the strawberries with you fingers or fork(If you wish you can pulse it in a blender, but to me the crushed strawberries are best in ice creams). Remove 1/4 cup from this 1 cup of mashed strawberries and keep aside which we will use it later.

DSC_0874 DSC_0875

2.To the crushed strawberries add powdered sugar and mix well.

DSC_0876 DSC_0877

3. Now add the chilled fresh cream and milk and mix again.

DSC_0878 DSC_0879 4. Add lemon juice and mix. Lemon juice brings out the full flavor of the strawberries.


5. Pour the mixture into an aluminum tray, cover with an aluminum foil and put in the freezer for atleast 8 to 10 hours.

DSC_0882 DSC_0883

6. Remove it from the freezer and immediately blend in a mixer till the ice crystals are broken down. The mixture after blending should be thick and slushy and not watery.

DSC_0884 DSC_0885 DSC_0887 DSC_0890

7. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and add the remaining ¼ cup of strawberries and mix lightly.

DSC_0891 DSC_0892

8. Pour the mixture again into an aluminum tray or any other container and cover and freeze again for atleast 5 to 6 hours or till the ice cream sets.

DSC_0893 DSC_0894

9. Scoop and serve immediately. That’s it. Enjoy!



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3 Responses

  1. This looks so good Jyothi. I love strawberry ice cream too. Now I make it with frozen bananas or coconut milk. If it wasn’t so cold here I’d make some today. :)

    • jyothirajesh says:

      Thank Linda! It’s cold out here too. But the season for fresh strawberries is here, so I didn’t want to miss the chance to make it :)

  1. March 3, 2015

    […] Egg less Strawberry Ice Cream […]

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