Karachi biscuits | Egg less Tutti Frutti Cookies*

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*I might be wrong calling this tutti frutti cookies, cause the recipe is close to Karachi biscuits. The difference I see between the 2 is in Karachi Biscuit recipe, orange zest and/or orange juice is added, where as most of the tutti frutti cookies dont use orange. So that’s the only difference I could see after reading a couple of Karachi biscuit recipe and tutti frutti cookies recipe.

This is a Fruit biscuit which are commonly known as Karachi biscuits. A great combo of butter cookies and fruits / trutti frutti . Crumbly and buttery in taste and a softer texture. This colorful biscuits is a sure hit with the kids. Soft melt in your mouth butter cookies with candied fruits which are crunchy and crispy and perfect for tea time.

For this week’s Bake Along #59, Subhashini gave us Karachi biscuits recipe to try out. I must tell you , this recipe is very simple and easy to make biscuits. And the end results will amaze you.


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Here’s Karachi biscuits recipe-


Unsalted butter – 350 gms, softened
Icing sugar – 1 1/2 cups
All purpose flour – 3 cups
Baking powder – 1/2 teaspoon
Salt – 1/2 teaspoon
Orange zest – grated from 1 whole orange
Fresh orange juice – 1/4 cup
Pure vanilla extract – 1 teaspoon
Tutti Fruiti – 100 gms
Cashews – 1 cup, broken into small pieces
Any other nuts/dried fruits of your choice – 1 cup ( Optional – I did not add)

Method of Preparation:-

When I bake for Fondbites Bake Along, the recipes are given by Subhashini and I follow that most of the time as it is. Since I follow her recipes I provide link to her recipe, unless I have made some changes to the original recipe provided by her I do not write the recipe.

Check this link for detailed instructions – http://www.fondbites.com/bake-along-59-karachi-biscuits/















Enjoy! Relish these cookies with your kids. :D

My Notes:-

1. The zest of orange or the juice of it, never shows its flavours in the final cookie. Do not omit it, this is the main ingredient that differentiates this biscuits from tutti frutti cookies.

2. If you love tutti frutti you can double the quantity and add more.

3. These biscuits are butter biscuuits, so you can’t substitute butter with oil. Weight watchers please excuse! or even better, go ahead and indulge in it, I mean it’s always accepted to indulge once in a while! So indulge! and do 5 rounds of jogging later on :D :P

















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  1. Well these are fun cookies. I love that they don’t have eggs in them. :)

  2. faridaalihussain says:

    Awesome :)

  1. December 23, 2015

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