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Since I started the 365 days project, I have been experimenting a few new things and I’m totally loving it. Though I have been shooting only food ingredients until now, I want to try my hands on other photography areas too. Which I might actually start pretty soon. Until then, here is my collection of 31 photos for the month of Jan 2015. Hope you’ll enjoy it. Happy gawking.

DSC_0902_335 DSC_0899_221 DSC_0883_333 DSC_0895_284 DSC_0901_261 DSC_0933_282 DSC_0826_134 DSC_0957_299 DSC_0877_200 DSC_0989_359 DSC_0829_189 DSC_0834_154 DSC_0832_155 DSC_0857_196 DSC_0875_199 DSC_0881 (2)_348 DSC_0832 (2)_178 DSC_0897_338 DSC_0889_248 DSC_0848_211 DSC_0880_220 DSC_0923_347 DSC_0980_360 DSC_0832 (2)_156 DSC_0901 (2)_322 DSC_0893_214 DSC_0877_280 DSC_0885_278 DSC_0886_279 DSC_0847_179 DSC_0876_231 DSC_0916_269

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6 Responses

  1. Gorgeous! I especially like the photos of the beets and the peas.

  2. Beautiful collection Jyothi. I loved the still images – the pomogranate ones , the egg and many more… How I have missed visiting your blog in particular. guess we are soo buzy glancing at all the lovely pictures on facebook , blogs are getting lost.

    • jyothirajesh says:

      Thank you dearie. Thank you for taking time out to visit my space. Well said, we have really gone busy with FB…it’s addictive isn’t it. :D :P BTW I have visited your space too, you have all amazing collections too and love your finesse in photography and your styling. You are an expert.

  3. Rajeev Ethiraj says:

    Amazing pics Jyothi! love them!!

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