Chillie Lime Oven-Roasted Corn on the Cob

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My house help bought me a couple of corn on cob from her village and I wanted to try some thing new with these corn on cob than the usual. Until now I have either boiled the corn on cob or roasted it on flame. I wanted to try oven roasted corn on the cob. I did try the roasting in oven, and then I wanted to make it a bit more interesting so I decided to go with chillie lime butter flavor. Once I tasted it, I really liked it, but on the honest note, I wished I had a BBQ to roast my corn on the cob. The smoky char flavor on the corn along with chillie and lime would be perfect!The chillie adds just enough heat (sweet + spicy = Y.E.S.) and the lime, oh the lime, it’s the best part of the recipe.


DSC_0886_385 DSC_0887_384

DSC_0873_381 DSC_0875_382

Here’s my Chillie Lime Oven-Roasted Corn on the Cob Recipe-

Corn on the cob – 4-5 nos(along with the husk)
Cooking oil – 1/2 tspn
Butter – 1 tbspn
Chillie flakes – 1 tspn
Salt – 1/2 tspn
Lime – 1 nos
Coriander leaves – chopped for garnish

Method of preparation:-

1. Peel back husks and take off the silk. Rub cooking oil over the corn. Pull the husks back up to protect corn while cooking.

2. Lay them on a parchment sheet and place in a 180 C oven. Roast for 30-35 minutes or until it gets roasted. Turn around the corn for even roasting for 2-3 times during the entire process.

DSC_0843 DSC_0844 DSC_0845 DSC_0860

3. Melt the butter and add it to a bowl. Now add chillie flakes, salt and mix well.

DSC_0859 4. Once the corn is done, remove it from oven, pull back the husk and rub the melted butter chilli mix all over the corn.

5. Squeeze the lime over the corn, Sprinkle some chopped coriander leaves and serve them while they are hot.

My Notes:-

1. It’s important to use the freshest corn on the cob for this recipe. Tastes best with fresh corn.

2. Once you have roasted the corn in the oven, you can try to roast it on flame for few minutes to get the char and smoky flavor and then rub the butter chill mix. I couldn’t do this step as my kids wont wait :)

3. Do not remove the husk from the corn before roasting. It prevents the corn from burning. Also I think it is really pretty when they’re left on.


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4 Responses

  1. shailaja sen says:

    Nice recipe….awesome clicks jyothi can we do it in microwave

    • jyothirajesh says:

      Shailaja, I’m guessing you can. The amount of time to cook might vary. You can try it on high power for first 3-5 mins and then increase the time depending on how much the corn is roasted

  2. I always love this chili lime roasted corn. Next time I am buying corn, I am trying this

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