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I’m back after a short break. A trip to the Chikmangalur forest region was a must needed break. We stayed in the pristine nature with very minimal structural buildings leaving the nature undisturbed. No television, no connectivity, no mobiles… that is my kind of relaxing and rejuvenating with the beautiful nature.  The absolute silence environment with peacocks mewing sounds.. was such a delightful experience. Spotting wind Bisons, squirrels, peacocks, hens and a lot of natural scenic views made the trip perfect. Good friends around to have a long chit chat and see kids run around the mountains, some yummy home cooked delicacies… this I call it HEAVEN! Here are just a few snaps for you…

DSC_1566_1041 DSC_1570_1043 DSC_1427_1048 DSC_1369_1046 DSC_1393_1045


Now to today’s post……

Another drink that I prefer to have a lot in summer in tender coconut water. Tender coconut cooler is a very straight forward recipe where you just mix honey with tender coconut water and agarnish with mint leaves. A few days back we went out for dinner with our family friends to a place which specializes in Kerala cuisine. Looking through the drinks menu I came across this a drink called elaneer cooler. Elaneer(tender coconut water) itself is very cooling, adding honey to it makes it even more special. A simple yet very refreshing drink indeed! Tender coconut water definitely tastes perfect as it is… but some times I prefer to add a little flavor to the drink…with mint leaves, honey!

DSC_1672_1033 DSC_1666_1032 DSC_1663_1031

Here’s elaneer cooler recipe

Tender Coconut water – 3 cups
Honey – 3 tbspns(add more if you prefer sweeter version)
Mint Leaves – a few torn into small pieces


DSC_1639_1029 DSC_1640 DSC_1641

Add honey to tender coconut water and stir well. Add few mint leaves, stir again and serve. If you prefer it have it chilled refrigerate for 30 minutes and then serve! A perfect summer cooler to beat the heat.


Tender coconut drink





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6 Responses

  1. I’m so happy you’re back! As you know, I was worried about you because of the earthquake. Your vacation sounds fabulous, such beautiful pictures.

    I’m on the fence about coconut water. I’ve tried some brands that I love and some not so much. I’ll have to try making my own, that’s probably the only way to really enjoy it. It looks so refreshing! Pinned.

    • jyothirajesh says:

      Thank you very much Linda! Very sweet of you. I stay very far away from the place affected by earth quake, our prayers and help is very much needed for people affected by the quake! :(
      Coming to the post, tender coconut water itself is perfect on it’s own, but some times when I feel like adding more flavor to the drink I do this.

  2. Anjana says:

    Sounds like an amazing trip. I love that mushroom shot. So pretty!
    And the drink looks fabulous too

  3. Lovely place and the drink too….

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