Mango Chicken Curry | Mango Mania #7

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Today being the last day of the mango mania series, I wanted to make a non vegetarian dish using mangoes. I am not a carnivore. I’m an 95% vegetarian and 5% non vegetarian. I prefer to have one day in a week that too on Sunday’s non veg. When we were kids, we got to eat non veg on Sunday’s as we and dad would have holiday from school and work, so mom would make delicious non veg dishes on Sunday. Even now I follow the same tradition and cook non veg on Sunday’s when my kids and hubby are at home.


I have already posted raw mango fish curry recipe. So this time I wanted to cook chicken and use mangoes in it. I haven’t heard much about using mangoes in chicken dishes, so the challenge was to develop  own recipe. I added one more challenge to myself, I said use both ripe and raw mangoes in one chicken dish!!

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How is that going to work? Ripe mangoes are on the sweeter side and raw mangoes are tangy ! I started writing down a recipe based on the imagination of taste and texture to the dish. For spice I included green chilies and red chilie powder, for slight sweet I added ripe mango puree and for the sour/tang added raw mango pieces. The combination of all there with balanced flavors was out of this world. The recipe worked and man.. did the chicken curry taste delicious? Oh yes it definitely did!


There’s something about the combination of mango and chicken that just works. In some of the curries we add amchur powder(dried mango powder) and that brings out the taste of the curry. Using raw mango did the same magic and the sweetness of the ripe mangoes hits your tongue later on and this is mild. So if you are a person like me who strongly thinks non veg dishes have to be spicy, fret not this chicken curry is spicy with mild sweetness that hits later on.


This delicious, mango chicken curry dish is made by quickly cooking chicken with onions-green chilie paste along with other spices, then bathing everything with a coconut milk, mango puree and mango pieces. Serve this saucy curry over Basmati rice, yum.


My family LOVED it, my hubby said ‘it’s got a interesting taste and texture, and I remember chicken xacuti a bit while eating this curry’. Chicken xacuti is my hubbies favorite, so I understood that this curry is GOOD! Though my kids found it a little bit spicy they enjoyed it too!

Here’s raw mango chicken curry recipe-


Chicken – 500 gms
Onions – 2 large
Green chilies – 2 nos(adjust as per your spice preference)
Ginger garlic paste – 1 1/2 tbspn
Red chilie powder – 3 tbspns, divided
Coriander powder – 1 tbspn
Turmeric powder – 1/2 tspn
Chicken masala powder – 1 tbspn(optional)
Ripe mango puree – 4-5 tbspns
Raw mango pieces – 1/2 mango
Coconut milk(thick) – 1/4 cup
Coriander and mint leaves(chopped) – 1/2 cup
Cloves – 4 nos
Cinnamon sticks – 2 inch piece
Water as required
Salt to taste
Oil – 3 tbspn


1. Wash chicken thoroughly. Add 1 tbspn of red chili powder, turmeric powder and salt mix well. Marinate the chicken for minimum 30 mins.

2. Add roughly chopped onions, 1 green chilies and 1/2 cup of coriander mint leaves into a blender and grind into smooth paste. Keep aside.

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3. Heat oil in a deep bottom vessel. Add cloves, cinnamon sticks to hot oil, give it a mix and then add onion green chilie paste, cook for 2 -3 minutes on low flame. Next add ginger garlic paste and cook until it doesn’t have the raw smell. Stir occasionally to avoid even cooking and to avoid burning.


4. Add the spice powders, remaining red chilie powder, coriander powder, chicken masala powder, and salt and mix well.


5. Add marinated chicken and cook until chicken starts to change in color.


6. Add water and cook the chicken until it is done.


7. Once chicken is cooked add the ripe mango puree and raw mango pieces and let it cook for another 5 minutes on low flame.


8. Finally add coconut milk, give it a stir and switch off flame immediately. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.


9. Serve this hot, spicy and slightly tang-sweet chicken curry with cooked basmati rice. That’s my perfect Sunday meal! :D

For vegetarians, use tofu or potatoes instead of chicken :)








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8 Responses

  1. Wow!!! nice chicken curry.With the coconut milk and ripe mango ,this must have tasted delicious

  2. kushi says:

    Beautiful presentation!Spicy and delicious curry!

  3. I make fish or shrimp curry with mango and coconut paste or coconut milk, but never tried it with chicken. I expect the sauce would have a slight Thai/tropical taste. Must try soon :)

    • jyothirajesh says:

      Anjana – even I have tried raw mango fish curry. This is my first time mangoes and chicken to gether. Yes it does have a slight tropical taste, not thai though. and hubby said it’s a bit like chicken xacuti, the Goan one.. :D

  4. Rafeeda says:

    Sounds really interesting… I am wondering how that sweetness of the mango would have got all sunk into the chicken curry… lovely experiment for sure…

    • jyothirajesh says:

      Thank you Rafee
      The sweetness of the ripe mango was very very mild, hits the tongue at the end. Since I added green chilies and red chilie powder, the curry was spicy, tang and had a mild sweetness to it

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