Mango Royal Falooda Recipe | Mango and Rose Falooda | Mango Mania #5

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Continuing my mango mania series, I’m presenting to you all Mango Royal Falooda for day 5.


Falooda is a Persian origin dessert which was introduced to India during the Mughal period. Falooda is a cold beverage/dessert that is popular mostly in Northern part of India. Traditionally this beverage is prepared by mixing rose syrup, falooda sev(vermicelli), sabza seeds(basil seeds), tapioca pearls and gelatin or jelly.


Today there are many versions of falooda/faluda. Some are made without vermicelli and blended with. Some faludas are served as milkshakes in many restaurants and ice cream joints.


The basic falooda recipe can be made with just 4 ingredients, rose syrup, vermicelli, sabza seeds and chilled milk. Rose syrup is the main ingredient in any falooda recipe. Vermicelli or falooda sev that is added to falooda recipe is traditionally made of arrow root powder, but in India we get vermicelli made of wheat. You can ditch the vermicelli or falooda sev if you wish.


Royal or Shahi falooda has a few more ingredients added like ice cream, almonds, pistachios,..some even soak these nuts and grind it with milk and add that to the falooda. Royal falooda is a real royal treat that you can serve your guests during summer. The rose syrup and basil seeds(sabaz seeds)has the cooling effect on the body.


Here’s my mango royal falooda recipe-

Ingredients-(for single serving)

Rose Syrup – 4 tbspn
Sabza seeds(basil seeds, NOT poppy seeds) – 2 tbspn soaked in water (it will grow in size and become double i.e 4 tbspn)
Falooda sev/vermicelli – 1/4 cup
Chilled milk – 1 cup(mixed with desired quantity of sugar)
Mango puree – 1/2 cup
Mango ice cream – 2 scoops
Vanilla ice cream – 1 scoop

For garnish
Chopped mango pieces
Chopped pistachios
Chopped almonds

1. Scoop out the flesh of mangoes and grind into smooth mix/puree. keep aside.


2. Soak sabza seeds in water for 30-40 minutes. keep aside.


3. Cook falooda sev as per packet instrcutions. If you dont have falooda sev you can use the normal sev. Cook in water, once cooked, immediately rinse, drain the sev and keep aside to cool completely.


4. Chop mango pieces into small cubes. Chop pistachios and almods into thin pieces. keep them all aside.

5. Now let’s assemble the mango and rose milk falooda.

6. Into the serving glass add rose syrup. Then add 1 tbspn of sabza seeds.

DSC_0440 DSC_0442

7. Add 2 tbspn of falooda sev. In slow stream pour 1/4 cup chilled milk.

DSC_0443 DSC_0444

8. Next add mango puree, top it with 2 tbspn of mango ice cream.

DSC_0445 DSC_0447

9. Repeate step 6 to 8 forming layers until you have filled your glass.

10. Finally top with vanilla ice cream on one corner of the glass and mango ice cream on other corner. Garnish with pistachios and almonds.

11. Serve falooda immediately.

1. You can ditch the vermicelli if you dont like it in your falooda.
2. Vanilla ice cream is optional. I added it to make it looks more colorful and add different elements of taste to the dish.
3. Sabza seeds and rose syrup are the main ingredients, so you cant ditch that!
4. This falooda recipe can be doubled and tripled. And the amount of each ingredient added in layers can also be changed according to your taste.





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  1. kushi says:

    Its gorgeous. Beautiful presentation. Loved it

  2. Falooda looks really royal..Too delicious hmm

  3. Rafeeda says:

    Truly royal!!! Looks really good… awesome pics as well…

  4. Jayasri says:

    Beautiful clicks Jyo, love it.

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