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Yesterday I posted allam pachadi/ginger chutney recipe a specialty from Andhra Cuisine. Like I mentioned ginger chutney is best paired a popular breakfast recipe from Andhra Pradesh called pesarattu. Pesarattu is moong dal dosa made using either whole moong dal or split moong dal.


No fermentation is required to make these dosas. Soak dal, grind them and make dosas instantly. Recipe is very easy and the results are delicious and healthy moong dal dosa.


To make these dosa’s crisp we include a little bit of rice. Along with rice, there is green chillies and ginger to enhance the flavor of these dosas. Dosas are filled with onions and coriander,served with allam pachadi(ginger chutney). There is also a special version where the dosa is filled with rava upma called Upma Pesarattu.


Get the base pesarattu recipe right and use your imagination to fill/stuff the dosa. You can use thin stips of cabbage, capsicum and onions along with some grated cheese, you can even stuff some paneer, use grated beetroot and capsicum, or be bold and try some scrambled egg(egg burji).. Put on you creative cap and go wild! :D

Here’s pesarattu recipe with onion coriander stuffing-


Moong dal(whole) – 1 cup
Raw rice – 1 1/2 tbspn
Ginger – 1 1/2 inch piece
Green chillies – 3 nos(adjust as per requirement)
Salt to taste
Water to Grind
Oil – for making pesarattu

For the filling/stuffing(optional)
Chopped onions
Chopped coriander leaves


1. Wash whole green gram and raw rice together. Soak in water for minimum 4 hours.


2. Add ginger pieces, green chilies, salt and soaked dal rice mix and grind into smooth mixture with as much water as required. The batter has to be dosa batter consistency.


3. Heat a non-stick tava (griddle), sprinkle a little water on the tava (griddle) and wipe it off gently using a cloth.

4. Pour a laddle full of batter and spread it evenly in circular motion into thin round pesarattu. Sprinkle some finely chopped onions and corinader leaves on top. You can skip adding onions and corinader leaves and make them plain pesarattu.



5. Drizzle 1/2 to 1 tspn of oil over the pesarattu and cook on a medium flame, till the pesarattu turns golden brown in colour.

6. When the lower side of the pesarattu is lightly browned, turn it over and cook on another side using little oil till golden brown in colour.


7. Repeat with rest of the batter.

8. Serve them hot with spicy ginger chutney(allam pachadi). BLISS!

My Notes-

1. Adding rice along with moong dal will make pesarattu crisp. You you want really crisp pesarattu reduce the soaking time to about 1 to 2 hours, grind them and make dosas immediately. Also spread the dosa thin and use a little more oil to get thin crisp pesarattu.

2. Filling is optional. You can add filling or just leave the pesarattu plain. Make any filling, try and experiment with it. To taste the authentic pesarattu you can try upma pesarattu.

3. You can even use sprouted moon dal to make these dosas. Just soak the sprouted moong dal(green gram) for about 1 hour along with raw rice and follow the recipe.





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