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Aam Ras or Amras is delicious pulp of the king of fruit mango eaten in India. The pupl of the ripe fruit is extracted and consumed with pori’s or rotlis. Aam ras is a popular dessert or sweet in Maharastrian and Gujarati families.


Aam ras literally translates to mango juice. Ripe mango pulp is extracted and pureed. Some make it plain aam ras and some like to add flavor to it by adding mango nector, cardamom powder, saffron and so on.


A good quality mango like “Alphonso” is best for making aam ras. If it is hard to get Alphonso, use any sweet juicy ripe mango. Fiborous mangoes will not work for making aam ras.




Come summer,  gujarati and maharashtrian families have aam ras served in the thali along with other veggies and lentils. This is very popular in  gujarati and maharashtrian family weddings during summer.

Traditionally aam ras is served with puri’s calles amras ke puri, it can also be served as a sweet or dessert. I personally like to eat aam ras as sweet of dessert and I like them plain without any flavors. My kids and hubby LOVE aam ras with puris.

DSC_0024_1311 DSC_0030_1312

When I first had aam ras in a restuarant, it was served thin in consistency and they were served along with puris. I came back home and used good riped Alphonso mangoes and make aam ras without any milk or water and just added a pinch of cardamom powder and garnished with saffron and pistachios. Now it really looked like a good bowl of dessert. My aam ras consistency was thick and it tasted so much better than the thinner version I tasted in the restaurant.


So I suggest you to make it thicker consistency aamras and add any flavor you like. Again adding sweetner like sugar or jaggery or even honey is your choice. If you are using ripe Alphonso mangoes, the sweetness in the mangoes are good enough. But if you find your mangoes are less sweeter add sugar or jaggery as required.

Alphonso Mango – 4-5 nos.(pulp extracted)
Cardamom powder – 1/4 tspn
Saffrom a few strands
FOr garnish


Extract pulp of mangoes. Blend into a smooth paste. Add cardamom powder and few saffron strands and pulse one more time until well combined.

Garnish with saffrom strands and pistachios. Serve them immediately along with puri’s or rotlis. OR have it as a bowl of dessert any time..

DSC_0003 DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0007




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6 Responses

  1. kushi says:

    Yummy. Love the presentation

  2. Chandramouli Shivashankar says:

    Aam ras receive is simple & interesting. In my opinion, one can do away with adding cardamom powder & saffron (even garnishing) as they will definitely interfere with the beautiful Alphanso natural flavour. On the other hand, in the end one can garnish Amras with 2 tsps of full cream on top. This will definitely complement the taste.

    • jyothirajesh says:

      Chandramouli – Yes you are right, and that is what I have mentioned in the post, that I like it plain not even with sweetener(sugar or jaggery). I would like it with just saffron garnish and I would ditch even the pistachios if making for my self. Never heard of adding full cream, I would prefer to add just a drop or 2 for the color, 2 tspn sounds a bit too much for me which will again going to interfere with the mangoes. thanks for the input though.

  3. Ooh… just gorgeous, vibrant colors here. Looks great, Jyothi!!

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