Mango Blueberry Smoothie | Mango Mania #15

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The best part about a smoothie is it uses very less ingredients and it’s ready in 2 minutes. A delicious and healthy smoothie is perfect for breakfast or for those mid meal hunger prangs.


This is my favorite smoothie combo – mango and berries! The layering of drinks are making smoothies so fun, simple is the best.


Mmmmmmango and blueberries, delicious! Smoothies don’t have to be more complicated than this one. The 2 tone color in the glass makes it very tempting. You won’t believe how simple and easy it is to make this smoothie.


Some add yogurt to the smoothie, I love yogurt and I love smoothie, but for some reason I don’t like them both to gather. So I used an very simple and delicious alternate to yogurt, I used coconut water. I simply love the addition of coconut water.


Here’s mango blueberry smoothie recipe-


For blueberry smoothie-
Blueberries(fresh or frozen) – 1 cup
Coconut water – 1/4 cup
Honey – 1 tbspn

For Mango Smoothie-
Fresh mango – 1 cup
Coconut water – 1/4 cup
Honey – 1/2 tspn(optional, add only if your mangoes are not sweet enough)


1. For blueberry smoothie- Combine blueberries, coconut water and honey in blender until smooth; set aside.

2. For mango smoothie – Combine blueberries, coconut waterand honey(if adding) in blender until smooth; set aside.

3. To serve – I wanted to make a layered smoothie. Pour blueberry smoothie into the serving glass first. Next slowly pour the mango smoothie. Serve immediately. Always serve smoothies immediately after you have blend them!

1. Alternate to blueberries are strawberries and raspberries.
2. You can add yogurt in place of coconut water.
3. Don’t have time to make layered smoothie?! no problem, just add all the ingredients into the blender and blend it into a single smoothie mix and serve immediately.





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6 Responses

  1. Color looks totally attractive..Kids go crazy for this smoothie.Addition of coconut water makes it more light and best.

  2. kushi says:

    Its so beautiful dear. In love with combination of ingredients. Awesome presentation

  3. This is so pretty Jyothi! You know I love mangoes, and the blueberries just make this smoothie even better.

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