Mango Mousse with Biscuit Base | Mango Mania #11

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Did you think I was done with mango recipes?! Well no, not yet! I still have so many recipes to share with you all.. :D

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I have been feasting on mangoes both ripe and un ripe ones for past a month and I still can’t get enough of it :D. My daughter who LOVES mangoes loves to eat them as it is(ripe ones) but she also has been excited with all the new dishes I have been making with mangoes.


One of the must try dishes when mangoes are in season is mango mousse. It’s easy and tastes delicious. I gave a little twist to the traditional mango mousse, it’s a cross between mango trifle and mango cheesecake, and mango mousse. I gave it a name and called it “mango mousse with biscuit base”.


If you are asking me the question, why on earth would I add biscuits to my mousse?..I really don’t know, I just started off with a some imagination of a recipe and ended up making this. Man I tell you this dessert was so fruity, creamy and delicious! You  must try this to believe that it is super delicious mousse recipe wit a twist.


The highlight is of course the mango petal patterns(well, I tried and I know it’s not very neat as my mangoes were not very firm and the were difficult to handle). This makes it look close to a mango tart, and the biscuit base gives it a feel of trifle, and the mousse in the center makes it an interesting and unique mousse recipe with  fruits on top.

Here is mango mousse with biscuit base recipe


Graham crackers – 1 packet
Melted butter – 4 tbspns
Sugar – 1 tbspn
Alphonso Mangoes – 2 + 1 large
Gelatin – 1 tbspn
Warm water – 1/4 cup
Heavy cream/whipping cream – 300 ml
Fine sugar/castor sugar – 1/2 cup


1. Break the crackers, add them to a blender. Blend the crackers along with melted butter and pulse until a smooth mix is formed.

2. Press biscuit mixture into bottom of tart pan, evenly across entire bottom and up part of the sides. Refrigerate it until use.


3. Peel and chop 1 mango. Blend into a smooth paste.

4. Put the gelatin in water, mix well. Microwave for 10-20 sec until gelatin is dissolved.

5. Add the dissolved gelatin to the mango mix and blend for 30 secs. Keep aside.

6. Whisk the cream and castor sugar, until it forms soft peaks. Add the mango mixture to a bowl and fold the mixture gently until it’s mixed well and no cream/ mango streaks are seen.

7. For the mango topping, carefully remove the skin of 2 mangoes, make two large slices as close to the pit as possible. Then cut very thin mango slices.

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8. Add mango mousse to the center of the crust and then begin to spread out evenly across surface, leaving a small perimeter around the crust untouched by mango mousse.

9. Line the perimeter of the crust with mango slices, letting the edges slightly overlap so that the slices stand up and stay curved. Then start on your next row of mangoes, placing mango slices in the spots in between two mango slices from the previous outer row. The overlapping pattern is what will make the rose pattern.

10. For the center you can either just roll up a mango slice and form the center of a rose or place some fresh fruits and mint leaves are garnish.

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11. Refrigerate it for 1-2 hours. cut them into slices and serve over a dollop of whipped cream or as it is! ENJOY!

My Notes-

1. if you don’t like the biscuit base, you can ditch it.
2. I used Alphonso mangoes which are the best, they were sweet and delicious. I have not added any extra sugar, do check the taste of your mangoes and add sugar as required.
3. I have made one pattern of arranging mango slices. It was a bit messy for me as my mangoes were ripe and was not firm enough as I would have wanted them to be. Best you firm mangoes for this arrangement.



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6 Responses

  1. Oh !!! send me some mangoes and recipes please..Loved this mango mousse..Totally awesome

    • jyothirajesh says:

      Aww.. thank you very much darling. Glad you loved the recipe. Do try it, it’s super delicious!

  2. kushi says:

    I feel like having a slice right now!Its very tempting and beautiful dear!

  3. shailaja sen says:

    Yummy mango mousse…. Lovely shots jyothi…

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