Mango Pomegranate Guacamole | Mango Mania #9

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You can never, NEVER, go wrong with serving guacamole at parties. And if there are more choices, it’s better.


When you can make real-deal guacamole at home, why reach out for those canned or store bought ones. Guacamole is so easy to make and way fresher and tastier than the store bought ones.


There’s one other thing that makes the homemade version far superior: Although the classic kind will always be a hit, guacamole can also be a vehicle for showing off your finesse and creativity. Add-ins and extras can take it from basic to brilliant in a flash.


If you’ve got guests coming over, you’re probably going to want to put guacamole at the center of the spread.


This recipe could get by on looks alone, with its stunning contrast of pomegranate’s ruby red, and yellow mellow mango bits against avocado’s opaque green. It luckily tastes brilliant bringing all the fruity spunk in you dip!


Well, mango always knows how to be the life of the party. This recipe is for those who say Guacamole is boring, you can take the boring guacamole one notch further by adding mango and pomegranate. Not just it looks pretty!it tastes darn good. Things get much more exciting when you chop veggies or fruits and literally put them inside your dip.

Here’s one of the exciting Guacamole recipe(Mango Pomegranate guacamole)-

Recipe adapted from thecafesucrefarine


For the base guacamole-
Ripe Avocado – 2 nos
Pepper powder – as per taste
Salt to taste
Garlic cloves – 2 large pods(minced)
Lime juice – from 1 lime
Honey – 2 tspn

For toppping-
Ripe Mango – 1 peeled, cored and diced i(use good quality mango, like Alphonso)
Pomegranate arlis(seeds) – 1/4 cup
Red onions – 1/2 onion chopped fine
Tomatoes – 1/2 tomato, chopped fine
Coriander leaves
Lime wedges


1. Peel skin and remove seed from avocado. Mash the flesh into a smooth paste.

2. Add pepper powder, salt, lime juice, minced garlic and honey to the mashed avocado and mix well until combined.

3. Spoon the avocado onto a serving plate. Top with mangoes, pomegranate arlis, red onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves.

4. Serve with nacho’s, chips or crackers. This guacamole is also wonderful as a side for grilled fish or chicken.


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  1. Aww !! you are making me hungry for these delicious guacamole..Stunning clicks

  2. Brilliant recipe Jyothi!

  3. Wow! This is truly a beautiful appetizer. I have to make this for a summer get together. Nicely done Jyothi!

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