Sparkling Blueberry Ginger Iced Tea | Blueberries Mock tail Recipe

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While shopping I spotted some fresh blueberries. I was so excited to see fresh ones as I haven’t used blueberries in my cooking until now. It’s always interesting to work with new ingredient and a huge challenge to use them in a unique and interesting way.


I returned home with a fresh packet of blueberries. I couldn’t wait to try these cute little berries. Popped a few in my mouth(after washing of course!) they were mildly sweet and it tasted interesting! I googled for some interesting and unique blueberry recipes and narrowed down my choice to a few of them.

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On a steamy summer days iced tea is something that is certainly special that you would want to sit on your balcony and sip it! Off late I have been on a series of iced tea and have been experimenting with different flavors of iced tea.


I have tried Mango Iced Tea before using organic green tea. Click here for mango iced tea recipe.

Yesterday I posted ginger beer recipe which is a refreshing cooling drink perfect on a hot day. Sip it as it is or use the beer in some cool beverages like this one.

Steep green and black tea bags. Make blueberry juice. Chill. Mix all of them. Pour in chilled ginger beer, sparking water and ice cubes, mix well and serve. A perfect summer mock tail is perfect drink for any celebrations!


Here’s sparkling blueberry ginger iced tea recipe-

Recipe adapted from marlameridith


Blueberries(fresh or frozen) – 1 cup
Honey – 3 tbspn(adjust as per requirement)
Water – 1 cup
Green tea bags – 2
Black tea bags – 2
Hot water – 1/2 cup
Home made ginger beer – 1/2 cup(click here for the recipe)
Sparkling water

For garnish-
Fresh blueberries
Mint leaves
Ice cubes(I made blueberry ice cubes and used it)


1. Bring 1/2 cup of water and add tea bags into it and let it sit for 10 minutes. Remove the tea bags and let the tea cool for some time and then pop it into the fridge.

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2. Next in a saucepan add 1 cup water, honey and blueberries and bring it to boil. Mash the blueberries with the back of the spoon and let it continue to cook for 5 minutes.

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3. Pass the blueberry juice through a sieve, mash the berries to release all of it’s juice. Discard the residue and chill the blueberries in fridge.

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4. Now, into the serving glasses add tea, top it with blueberry juice. Next add home made ginger beer. Stir it well.

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5. Add mint leaves, ice cubes and sparkling water and serve immediately. Martini or champagne glasses are perfect to serve this drink.






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5 Responses

  1. kushi says:

    Beautiful color and presentation and lovely recipe dear :)

  2. I can’t believe that this is the first time that you’ve tried blueberries! They’re so abundant where I live. I’m so happy you liked them. This drink looks so refreshing and beautiful!

    • jyothirajesh says:

      Oh yes Linda, this is my first time. Blueberries are quite expensive here and I have always kept away looking at the price tag. I’m glad too that I tried it. And thank you for your lovely comment

  1. December 29, 2015

    […] 1. Sparkling Blueberry Ginger Iced Tea by Jyothi Rajesh […]

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