Oatmeal Cottage Cheese Buttermilk Pancakes(No eggs)

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I’m not a huge fan of pancakes just because they are sweet! I love savory pancakes though! I hear you, so why did I make these pancakes?! Oh I  make a lot of stuffs that I don’t like to eat. I have many mouths to feed at home. :D I’m sure all of us do it right, cook something for people which who you sit and eat but don’t eat the stuff that you cook(sometimes).

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My hubby loves pancakes. So does my daughter and son. They like sweets. So most of the sweet stuffs that I cook are made for them.


For this week’s Bake Along Challenge #83, Subhashini of Fondbites Bake Along gave us a classic pancake recipe. Boy her pancakes looks heavenly! Those honey drops flowing down the pancakes was so magical. It looked really delicious! I try to include healthy ingredients in my dishes every single time possible. I have already posted Simple Banana Pancake  that uses all purpose flour.

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This time I wanted to do something different. I wanted to include more healthy ingredients. My google friend had some buttermilk pancakes, wholewheat pancakes, buckwheat pancakes. The choice were endless. But what really caught my attention was oatmeal and cottage cheese pancakes. I was wowed with the idea of using cottage cheese in pancakes. Most of the recipes used eggs and some used oatmeal and all purpose flour.


I wanted to ditch the APF(all purpose flour) and eggs this time. After a few minutes I got the idea why not use buttermilk too in the pancake instead of eggs and leave out APF.


So with my kitchen aprons on I started creating the recipe. The first pancake was cooking, and I already started liking it. The aroma it filled the kitchen was amazing. Once the pancake was out of pan, I couldn’t wait to taste it. First bite, I thought it was ok. Then had the second bite and I thought “Boy, this is GOOD!” :D

My daughter had 1 1/2 pancakes after returning from school(yes I made it for her after school snack). That said it all. The pancake was really GOOD! Packed with proteins from the cottage cheese and the goodness of oats and buttermilk, this is one healthy pancake that you can eat it without thinking twice!


Here’s my oatmeal cottage cheese buttermilk pancake recipe(no eggs)


Oatmeal – 1 cup(I used normal quaker oats)
Cottage cheese(paneer) – 1 cup
Buttermilk – 1/2 cup(adjust depending on the consistency of the pancake batter)
Baking Soda(or cooking soda) – 1 1/2 tspn
Salt – generous pinch
Brown sugar(powdered) -3 tbspn(adjust as per your sweet preference, I like mild sweetness which I got from 3 tbspn)

For serving/garnish
Butter cube(ditch it if you want to eat guilt free pancakes)
Fresh fruits
Homemade “maple” syrup/store bought/honey – to drizzle over pancakes


1. Grind quaker oats(or any oats that you use) into fine powder.

2. In a blender add cottage cheese and buttermilk and pulse it so it forms a smooth semi thick liquid.


3. Add oatmeal, cottage cheese buttermilk mix, pinch of salt brown sugar, baking soda and whisk until it forms a lump free thick batter. If you are unable to mix add few tea spoons of buttermilk and whisk until you get a thick batter. Remember to have thick batter.


4. Tip 1 – to get evenly cooked/browned pancake use dry non stick pan and do not add butter before pouring the batter onto the pan.

5. Tip 2- Always cook pancakes on low flame.

6. Pour a ladle full of batter and wait till it cooks, then carefully flip and let it cook on the other side until browned.

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7. Repeat the above step with rest of the batter.

8. Serve pancakes hot with some butter on top(avoid if you want to eat guilt free), drizzle maple syrup or honey along with some fresh cut fruits.







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8 Responses

  1. shailaja sen says:

    Loved your version of pancakes with oatmeal…..nice presentation jyothi…

  2. I’m so intrigued by the cottage cheese. I wonder if silken tofu would be a good substitute? I’m going to have to try, because these look terrific.

  3. kushi says:

    Loved the recipe of pancake with buttermilk dear.New and looks super delicious and beautiful as always :)

  4. Rafeeda says:

    Those pancakes look amazing! Even though I don’t have a pancake crazy pack at home, once in a while they do like it… will bookmark this!

    • jyothirajesh says:

      Thank you Rafee. Same here, dont have takers for pancakes at home, but once in a while my daughter loves it

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