Tea Smoked Shrimp Salad

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IMG_0679-2 If you are following me closely you must be aware that I do monthly theme based challenges with a groups of blogger friends. For this month challenge we decided on “tea infused cooking”. I wasn’t sure of what I would do with tea, I neither drink tea not tasted it. With the help of google I found one recipe tempting enough to try it immediately.


I’m so glad I tried this recipe, not just did I make a delicious smoked shrimp but I learnt a new technique of cooking. Smoking is an Chinese ancient technique of cooking meat, sea food or even veggies and it is considered as one of the most healthy way of cooking.


Here’s tea smoked shrimp salad-
Recipe source – eatthelove


Shrimps – 250 gms
Crushed pepper – 1 tbspn
Salt – 1 tspn

For smoking-
Rice – 1/2 cup(I used normal cooking rice)
Tea – 5-6 tbspns
Brown sugar – 3 tbspn
Oil – to rub over the wire rack
Aluminium foil

For the salad-
Veggies of your choice – I used carrot, radish, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, semi ripe mangoes, fresh red chillies, some pepper powder and salt to taste. I grated the veggies into ribbons.


1. Peel and devein the shrimps leaving the tail on. Rinse them under running tap for 2-3 times. Add crushed pepper corns and salt, mix well and keep aside for 10-15 minutes of marination.


2. Prep your wok for smoking. use a clean and dry wok or kadai. Line the bottom and sides with aluminium foil. Do a second layer of lining with aluminium foil crosswise. Make sure the aluminum foil is touching the wok/kadai with no air pockets in them.

IMG_0616 IMG_0617

3. Sprinkle first the rice, then the tea, and then the sugar evenly over the bottom of the wok.

IMG_0620 IMG_0622

4. Put a lightly oiled round metal rack in the center of the wok over the tea-rice mixture. Arrange the shrimp on the rack in a single layer.

IMG_0623 IMG_0624

5. Open the windows and turn the exhaust fan on high. Heat the wok over high heat,waiting until the tea emits a faint wisps of smoke. Now reduce the heat to medium low, cover the wok with a tight light, crimp the hanging foil to the lid to seal the smoke inside and smoke for 3-4 minutes. If you smell tea is burning reduce the heat to low and smoke it. Turn over the shrimp once in between to ensure it has smoke cooked both sides.

6. The shrimp should be bright orange and firm to the touch when it’s cooked. Remove the rack with the shrimp still on it and place it on a plate to cool. The smoking ingredients should be thrown away.

IMG_0625 IMG_0629

7. Make the veggie salad, add seasoning, top it with tea smoked shrimps and serve immediately. I also made a asian pesto to go with the salad.

8. This tea smoked shrimp salad is perfect for on a warm evening.

My verdict-
The smoked shrimp tasted D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. I did get mild taste of tea in the shrimp not strong at all. If you want to experiment to get prominent tea taste on shrimps try using more tea than mentioned.

Disclaimer –

Like I mentioned above, this blog post is part of the monthly “Cooking With Friends” themed blog post challenge. This challenge was started by a bunch of virtual friends united by their love of food, with the aim of tackling a different food related theme each month. If you want to try this month’s theme, please feel free to do so and link your recipe in the comments section. We’d love to check it out.

Meanwhile, check out what the others in the group have come up with this month.

Here is a recap of the previous months’ posts.




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