Good Bye 2015, Welcome 2016

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The year 2015 was a fulfilling one. I got serious about photography and learnt one or two things that took my photos a next level. Though it’s just a small improvement in my photos, i’m really proud of it. The year 2015 has been kind enough. Made some amazing friends in the blogging world, with whom I share almost everything about blogging and more. Blogging definitely kept me busy through the year and I can see a personality change in me cause of that. Good thing of course! With a few recognition I received, I am now more focused to learn to take better photos. A big task I set for myself now is to learn Photoshop :D plus improve my styling and photography.
A big thank you to the wonderful year and thank you to all my family members and friends who encouraged me in every thing.
My first pic of 2015(yes, I clicked this on Jan 1st 2015) My personal favorite


And it was hard, but I managed to pick quickly a few of my favorite photos of 2015

DSC_0902_335 DSC_0923_347 My first attempt in dark moody pictures :)


DSC_0893_214 And the first ever of my action photos


And some of my favorite recipe creations-

DSC_0662_1511-678x1024 DSC_0667_1519-678x1024 IMG_0441 DSC_0516_1426-678x1024 DSC_0482_12761-678x1024 ss DSC_0471_1414-1024x678 IMG_1119-21 IMG_1148 IMG_1527-2 IMG_3055-31 IMG_3364-3-683x1024 IMG_9591-2-683x1024 IMG_5150-3-683x1024 IMG_4940-2-1024x664 ? IMG_3708-3 DSC_1599_956-678x1024



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4 Responses

  1. Def it has been a great year for you jyothi.Your pictures are stunning..

  2. shailaja says:

    happy new year jyothi… really your pictures are so good ,did u shoot all these with prime lens…?

    • jyothirajesh says:

      Happy New Year Shailaja.
      No I used the basic kit lens and Nikon 5100 camera. Most of the pictures are shot with it. Only a month back I upgraded to canon 70 D with prime lens

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