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I have a happy news to share with you all! If you guys are following me, you would be aware of the house renovation work that was happening here and how much I was cribbing about the dust, mess all over the house. Finally the renovation is completed and I have my home all to myself, no stranger guys walking around the house with cement, bricks, paints. Ah, it’s bliss. To just sit back on your couch relax and have “me” time.

Kara Boondi

Wait, I’m still not there yet! After the renovation work, there is a full house to clean and yeah right now it’s the cleaning process that is happening! It’s tiring but I’m happy to see things being put back to it’s place where it’s supposed to belong and slowly but steadily house is getting back to what it’s supposed to me. I also have plans to add a couple of new interiors to decorate the house an give it a whole new look, well at least in some corners.

Kara Boondi

Also, I have extra space for my stuffs now. I have a room just for me(well as of now) with big windows and I’m getting ready to set up my mini studio there! Unless, kids and hubby have other plans and fill up the room with their stuff L. Let’s hope they don’t!

With all the cleaning work, my Diwali preparations have slowed down, and I’m already late in preparing goodies for Diwali. I usually start preparing sweets and savories for the festival at least a week back and when I am done with the cooking I start cleaning work. This year things are gone upside down. It’s okay and I’m not complaining. I am super excited about Diwali and I plan to have a clean, decorated home for the festival.

Kara Boondi

Wait there’s more! Blogging has opened up a whole new world to me. I have met (virtually) few warm, beautiful people who are now my friends. Those friends go an extra mile to keep me happy. How does it feel to receive a Diwali gift even before Diwali! Oh, it’s feels sooo good, and I’m truly blessed to have such amazing friends around me.

I met Alka Jena of CulinaryXpress on FB a few months back. We have been interacting through FB regularly and she is a warm hearted person, more like a big sister to me. Her styling has always left me in awe. She sent me these beautiful stoneware bowls all the way from Odisha. This is the BEST diwali gift ever and I’m so in love with it. I always wanted to own these bowls and thanks to Alka that she fulfilled my desire. Owing a beautiful prop is an amazing feeling and when it’s gifted to you, you know you are truly blessed! Alka, thank you dear. I can’t stop looking at these beauties, so love it.

Kara Boondi

Kara boondi is one of the most favorite savory items we make for diwali at home. As I don’t have a sweet tooth, I try to make more savory items so I can relish all the diwali goodies too :D :P

Check out my instagram stories to check out some videos of kara boondi making :D

Kara Boondi

Now to the recipe


1 cup besan flour(gram flour)

½ cup rice flour

A pinch of cooking soda

¼ teaspoon asafetida

1 ½ teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon pepper powder

Water as required

½ cup peanuts

3 sprigs curry leaves

4 whole garlic cloves with skin (crushed)

Oil for deep frying


  1. Sieve besan, rice flour together. In a bowl add the flour, salt, pepper powder, asafetida, cooking soda and mix. Add water little at a time, whisk to form a batter that is slightly thick and is of pouring consistency.
  2. Heat oil in a kadai for deep frying. Once oil in hot, reduce flame to medium.
  3. Into the oil add peanuts and fry till they start to turn brown. Next add curry leaves and crushed garlic cloves and wait they crisp up.
  4. Let’s fry the boondis in the same oil. The flavor of garlic and curry leaves that went into the oil will flavor up the boondis as well.
  5. Hold a slotted spatula over the hot oil and pour the batter on top of the slotted spatula little at a time. The batter should flow down the spatula holes easily into hot oil. Wait till all batter falls down through the hole, then pour another ladle full of batter over the slotted spatula and wait for it to fall down into the hot oil. Wait for all the boondis inside the oil to get cooked and turn crispy. The color once turned golden yellow remove the fried boondi from oil onto a kitchen paper.
  6. Before repeating the next batch of frying boondis wipe clean the remaining batter sticking to the slotted spatula including the whole. Then pour the next batch and fry them the same way. Do this step till all the batter is fried.
  7. Mix boondi, peanuts, curry leaves, garlic. Let it cool completely. Store in air tight container and enjoy it with your tea in the evening or munch on anytime :D These are totally addictive!!

Kara Boondi


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8 Responses

  1. Gorgeous prop and click jyothi! loved them both! and the boondi’s look sooo yum!

  2. Nice write up, recipe and pictures Jyothi. Why don’t you give us a sneak peek into your renovated house?

  3. Alka says:

    You are an amazing blogger and I am a huge fan of your photography, glad these stoneware is in the right hands. Happy Diwali

  4. Radhika says:

    Those stone bowls are gorgeous! And you’ve done justice to them.. Boondi looks perfect Jyo

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