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Turmeric Latte

They said, ‘he will be active kid’

They said, ‘he will be naughty’

They also said, ‘your patience will be tested’

And I said…NO WAY!

I’m taking about our son, the little one.

When he was very little, I thought he will be just like our daughter, well behaved, obedient and soft kids, even though I knew he will have Raj’s genes, the naughty brat who made his parents run after him all the time. I guess deep inside I knew our son would be naughty, but I never wanted to accept that it might be coming soon. I was so used to my daughter who is a soft kid , I wasn’t really ready for a ride that our son was preparing to take us on :D

Turmeric Latte

He seemed okay, kind of obedient kid when little, but past few months it’s all changing. I guess he just woke up one day and decided ‘enough of being a kid, now let me become a boy’! And that change did not hit me over night, I slowly started to see what was happening. This boy is not really hyper active and very naughty kid, but I’m so much used to my daughter, now I roll my eyes shocked to see him being naughty and doing all the boys stuff.

It’s been a exciting, tiring and sometimes really annoying but I’m having fun in both good and wrong ways!

Daughter is quite for sometime – I know she is making/building some stuff

Son is quite for a while – I rush to check on him, cause he might have just dismantled the remote control into 100 pieces, or might be meddling with the stove or possibility he has opened the fridge and put his head inside it to see the cold waves flowing through it. He is always up to something or the other and mostly doing the mischievous things.

Turmeric Latte

I’m slowly learning to handle things and understand what works with him, but most of the times nothing works with him, no arguments, no disciplining, no rules, all that works is leave him on his own and if there is a possibility of me getting annoyed, I just have to walk out from there. He will slowly after sometime come back to terms! :D


Though I have so much to complain about our son, most of my family and friends call him sweet obedient boy. Now I’m not sure either I’m wrong, having different expectations or others really have a point – that there are some real brats out there compared to whom our son is far better.

Whatever it is, I LOVE my boy and yea he is a sweet kid in his own ways! <3

Why all this blabbering now? You may ask…I simply wanted to write about what has been running through my mind now.

Fresh Turmeric

The world suddenly started going ga-ga over it!

Gives it a fancy name

It’s out traditional food culture, been with us for century

It’s our very own – “The golden milk, the haldi doodh”, i’m talking about!


Past a month little one was under the wather. I can’t seem to understand how he gets his cough back within a day after he started to feel better from coughing. And all the congestion..from where does it come!? :X

Daughter got it too and now both kids are coughing and have chest congestion. Been off allopathic medicine as I saw it was not helping much and also I hate giving medicine to kids. So have been doing a lot of home remedies for the cold and cough. Khashaya’s, turmeric milk, warm waters, steam inhalations..been giving to kids all!


One of the most immediate medicine mom used to give us when we were down under the weather was this turmeric milk. Turmeric powder mixed in hot milk, and a dash of pepper powder along with honey is the immediate medicine that was given to us. Now I’m doing that to my kids.

You definitely don’t need a recipe for this, I’m anyways going to share how my mom does it (ofcourse would be very common to many house holds).

Since it’s the season where you get bountiful of fresh turmeric roots in Southern India, I’m using fresh turmeric in the recipe. But you can easily substitute it with turmeric powder, just make sure you use the best organic turmeric powder for the recipe.

Turmeric Latte


3 cups milk

2 ½ teaspoon fresh grated turmeric root

2 tablespoon honey

A pinch of pepper powder



  1. Heat up milk and bring it to boil. Once milk starts boiling add fresh grated turmeric(or turmeric powder) and reduce flame to low. Let it continue to boil for 5 to 7 minutes.
  2. Add honey and pepper powder, milk well.
  3. Remove from stove. Run the milk through a filter and serve immediately hot/warm.

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