Chia Seeds Vanilla Pudding

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Full sleeves, sweaters all packed

Cottons are outs

Fridge is stocked with loads of lemonades and cooling drinks

Sun screens top the list of grocery shopping

Freezer is packed full with ice creams

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Summer! Thank you for being here! I love you the most. As a kid I waited for you to arrive which was symbolical to so many wonderful things that bought a BIG smile on the face. Summer meant that – ‘yay, finally the exams are over’, ‘it meant that summer holidays are finally here and that we packed our bags to head to cousins place’, ‘it meant mom did not stop us from eating ice creams”, ‘it meant no work(home work, study) and play all day’ , it meant so many beautiful things.

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I still have the same feelings when Summer arrives. Though there will be days I complain about the scorching heat and sweaty days, but I love summer. We make plans to travel during summer, I let kids freak out on ice creams in summers, I don’t set my alarms before hitting the bed and the mornings are more relaxed and peaceful.

Keeping the tummy healthy and cool is the most important thing we do during summer. Eating light food is one best practice everybody follows.

Chia Seeds Vanilla Pudding_4

This vanilla pudding with chia seeds is a perfect dish that you want to have during summers. Have it as the first thing in the morning for breakfast or eat it as a dessert. If you are deprived of dessert due to a lot of health reasons and all, this one would be perfect for you. With refined sugar free and substituted with honey, it’s healthy as it gets.

And wait, I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet…there is absolutely no cooking involved. Now that sounds like a perfect summer dish, doesn’t it! With temperature soaring high, you could really try and use all options of not increasing the heat even more by slogging in front of the stove getting all sweaty and exhausted :D

Chia Seeds Vanilla Pudding_5

Now some people ask me what is the difference between chia seed and sabja seed? There are lot of reference on the net regarding these 2 amazing super seeds. All I want to say is chia seed and sabja seeds are not the same and one of the main difference is chia seed is damn expensive when compared to sabja seeds. Each have their own medicinal benefits and yes, some easily replace chia seeds with sabja. So I leave it up to you to decide which seed you want to use for this Chia Seeds Vanilla Pudding.



2 cups milk(for vegan option use almond milk)

¼ cup chia seed

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoon honey(you can even use maple syrup)

A pinch of salt


Toppings of your choice



  1. Place chia seeds in big glass dish. Pour milk, honey , salt and vanilla extract over it. Milk well and ensure no lumps are left. Cover and place it in refrigerator overnight.
  2. Next morning, whisk the pudding once. If required top it with little milk.
  3. Add toppings of your choice. You can use fresh cut seasonal fruits like mango, strawberry, banana, blueberries. You can also add some chocolate shavings, nuts over the top.
  4. Serve immediately.


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