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Broccoli Chicken Wreath

Festiveness is in the air and the long waited month of the year is here. It’s the time of the year where holidays are celebrated and everyone gets ready for the New Year. If you’re...

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Neapolitan Cupcakes Recipe

Neapolitan cakes – It is originally a frozen dessert, an ice cream originated in the cuisines of the Italian city of Naples. Neapolitans who migrated to the USA introduced such frozen desserts. Different flavor...

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Sheermal/Shirmal (Saffron Flavored Flat Bread)

Sheermal or Shirmal is a saffron-flavored slightly sweet traditional leavened flatbread that is found in various countries on the Asian sub-continent including Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. Sheermal is a Naan-like milk bread, apparently...

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