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Vegetable Idli 2

Vegetable Idli

If you ever get an invite for breakfast into a South Indian home, you can be very assured that you will mostly see idli on the plate. We south Indians love idli very much....

Paneer Chili Dosa 6

Paneer Chili Dosa

It’s amazing how dosa has transformed from breakfast dish to all time dish. It’s also amazing to see how this humble and simple dosa is been given so many new variations. Today’s fusion dosa...

Breakfast Burrito Bowl 1

Breakfast Burrito Bowls

Hiyaa, back to Monday routine! Monday blues and Tuesday grey kick in. But I am not sulking, you see when the week starts with this amazingly delish and filling day, you know the week...

Spinach and Egg Breakfast Pizza 3

Spinach and Egg Breakfast Pizza

What’s a better breakfast? It’s got to be breakfast pizza. You heard it right, hot fresh pizza served for breakfast. A spinach and egg breakfast pizza it is for today! The most important meal...

Creamy Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding 6

Creamy Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding

It’s not the weather, it’s just me. Recently, I have been grappling with the idea of boredom. The very word that can make anyone yawn just by looking at it. Even though I have...

Whole Wheat Flour Puttu 6

Vivatta Whole Wheat Flour Puttu

Puttu is unique to Kerala. It is one of the staple dish prepared for breakfast in many households on day to day basis. Being steamed and prepared without oil puts the ‘puttu’ in the...

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