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Kerala Style Vegetable Stew

Kerala Stew is traditionally served with Appam(Kerala’s laced rice pancakes). The charm of this vegetable stew is it’s simplicity. Vegetables cooked in coconut milk and flavored with whole spices has exceptional taste. If you...

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Allam Pachadi | Inji Thokku | Ginger Chutney

Andhra Pradesh is famous for it’s spicy delicacies that are packed with flavors. Personally I LOVE Andhra Style food. How can one forget “Podi”(lentils powder) with ghee on piping hot rice, or the “pappu”(dal/lentils)...

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Simple Banana Pan Cakes

Weekends remind me of lazy, carefree mornings! No packing lunch boxes, no rushing to school buses, no tensions. Isn’t that sounds nice? These pancake is soft, moist, fluffy and takes minimal time to make...

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