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Baked Chocolate Pudding

I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I definitely love chocolates. You could’nt agree more if I say this baked chocolate pudding is heaven! Be it winter or summer chocolate pudding or any thing...

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Chocolate Kiwi Fruit Pops

Well, I call this fruit pops/popsicle and if you are wondering how much of fruit is in that pop, look close, it’s a big piece of Kiwi fruit coated in thin layer of chocolate....

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Fresh Home Made Lemon Curd Recipe

In my entire life I haven’t tasted lemon curd until recently when we had a delicious dessert made of lemon curd. I was awe struck with the soft, sweet, tangy taste of this curd....

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Eggless Strawberry Ice cream

I love love love ice cream… seriously, who doesn’t right!I know I love all things ice cream, especially strawberry ice cream. My daughter loves strawberries and so I thought of making strawberry ice cream...

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