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Avocado Smoothie

After a break I’m back to work out sessions and getting back to eating healthy and balanced diet. I’m a true South India by heart and tummy. I looooove my rice and literally cannot...

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Hot Kashya For Cold n Cough

I’m allergic to a whole lot of things from nature. Allergic to dust, pollen, strong smells, even allergic to certain food I never drank any Kashaya (homemade medicinal drink) when I was small. I...

Turmeric Latte 0

Turmeric Latte | Haldi Doodh

They said, ‘he will be active kid’ They said, ‘he will be naughty’ They also said, ‘your patience will be tested’ And I said…NO WAY! I’m taking about our son, the little one. When...

Rainbow Lassi 4

Rainbow Lassi | Kids Special

It’s colorful, cool, refreshing and a healthy drink, that is sure to become a hit among kids! Kids are gonna be back in a few days. It’s been really long time and we are...

Ice Cold Coffee 13

Ice Cold Coffee

With just 4 ingredients and 5 minutes, this refreshing coffee is ready to beat the heat. If you are a coffee lover, then this one is a must try! Call me saint, because I...

Sweet Lassi 6

Sweet Lassi | Indian Yogurt Drink

Chilled thick yogurt based refreshing summer drink made the traditional way by hand churning. Some dishes don’t require any introduction or a recipe and lassi is one such dish. This yogurt based drink can...

Strawberry Lemonade 6

Strawberry Lemonade

A cool refreshing strawberry lemonade. Bring it on, Summer! Come summer we would all line up in front of a hand cart that held these gorgeous translucent green bottles, with thick spouts, full of fizzy...

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Home Made Ginger Beer (Non-alcoholic)

The name beer can cause confusion to people, but this is  completely different from regular beer. Ginger beer can be very easily made at home and all it needs is very few ingredients which...

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Mango Lemonade | Mango Mania #14

Lemonade is a simple refreshing drink. A drink can’t taste any better than this one. Lemonade is very popular among people all over the world. When mangoes are in season, mango lemonade is a...

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