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Beetballs Pasta 7

Beetballs Pasta

Be warned of the picture heavy post! It’s almost October and it’s sure gonna be one busy month. A lot of things falls on October. First, kids get their Dassera break of good 13-15...

Bagara Baigan 0

Bagara Baigan | Indian Egg plant Curry

Isn’t it weird that when the husband is travelling on work, the geezer, blender, washing machine, water purifier – all starts behaving crazy, or rather stops working! Is feels like almost planned that all...

Vegetable Dum Biryani 9

Vegetable Dum Biryani

Before we talk about anything else I want to thank you guys for the amazing response for my first short video recipe that I posted few days back. Those baked potato roses were not...

Butter Chicken 8

Curry in a hurry – Butter Chicken

In the west, people assume Indian cuisine is all about butter chicken. Butter chicken is no doubt delicious, creamy delightful chicken dish which is packed with flavors and texture. But Indian cuisine is more...

Raw Mango Rice 2

Raw Mango Rice

When mangoes are in season, mangai sadam (raw mango rice) is a must in my kitchen. I never miss the chance to make mango rice. It’s one of those simple recipes which can be...

Arbi Dahi Wali Sabzi 2

Arbi Dahi Wali Sabzi

We waited about an hour to ride. It takes double courage to go on such a ride. And age does change a lot of things. 10 years back, just after marriage, we were in...

Mulakootal 7


My husband and I come from two different parts of the world: a spice heaven world and a boring non-spicy world! It was on our honeymoon I figured this out. Ours was an arranged...

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