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Thai Potato Pumpkin Curry 11

Thai Potato Pumpkin Curry

Silky, creamy, spicy, delicious Thai yellow curry with potatoes and pumpkin is all you need when you are craving for something curry, something refreshing, and something comforting! So kids have come back home (since...

South Indian Style Vegetable Kurma 2

South Indian Style Vegetable Kurma

South Indian kurma is a delicious mild flavored mixed vegetable curry that is usually paired with chapathi or poori. Down South we call this special kurma as Chapathi kurma as we love to eat...

Dal Palak Dhaba Style 10

Dal Palak Dhaba Style

My son has curly hair. I mean he has REAL curly hair. Me, Raj nor Diya has curly hair, it’s just him. Well, my maternal side ancestors had curly hair, who I haven’t seen...

Bhindi Kadhi 10

Bhindi Kadhi

In the sweltering heat, nothing is as comforting as a bowl of cool, refreshing bhindi kadhi paired with rice or sipped as it is. What is the hardest part of cooking? No, it’s not...

Left over dal paratha 6

Left Over Dal Paratha

Do you have a problem in finishing off the left over dal from last night? Often, do you throw the left over’s from last night into a bin? Don’t!  Wait there, you might be...

Millet Khichdi 14

Millet Khichdi

When you think of khichdi, what first comes to your mind? “Comfort food”? But for me, khichdi reminds of a ‘not so comfortable incidence’ that happened today! Leaving kids with hubby for a couple...

Whole Wheat Beetroot Paratha 6

Whole Wheat Beetroot Paratha

If you are a mom, you would know how difficult it is to make your kids eat vegetables. My daughter too picks all the vegetables and set them at the edges of the plate....

Baby corn peas masala 6

Baby corn peas masala

Street dogs in India are to be found in almost all places and there are a lot of stories connected to street dogs. I have a few incidents of my own, but today I...

Soya Kheema Masala 6

Soya Kheema Masala

Exam season is about to begin here. And home is turning into a mad house! Assessments, revisions, home works, it’s all study, study, study at home. I do not about my daughter, but I...

Cauliflower Tahiri 14

Cauliflower Tahiri

A close cousin of biryani or pulao, this rice based dish with wonderful aromatic spices from the Awadhi cuisine makes a wonderful lunch or dinner recipe. College days were the most exciting days of...

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