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Pavakka Vathal Kozhumbhu | Dried Bitter Gourd Spicy Curry

Vathal kozhumbhu is a traditional and authentic dish from Tamil Nadu. Vathal translates to ‘Sun-dried’ vegetables. Vegetables like sundakkai(‘turkey berry’), manathakali( ‘sunberry’ or ‘wonder cherry’), pavaka(bitter gourd), chillies are usually sun-dried and made into...

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Kadhai paneer(Karahi Paneer) Recipe

A tomato based curry that has a robost flavor from the kadhai masala powder. A mouthwatring combination of paneer, capsicum, tomato, onion and traditional indian spices is usually cooked in ghee/clarified butter and is...

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Sarson ka saag | Mustard greens

A traditional Punjabi dish made of Mustard leaves & spices. Sarson is easily available during winters and they are best when served with makki ki roti(maize flour flat bread). You can even serve with...

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Mochai Kozhumbhu / Field Beans Curry

Seasonal fresh produce of mochai/avarekalu/field beans is here! I’m so excited about it. I LOVE fresh produce, I mean who doesn’t right! Food tastes best when fresh produce is used. During this season, I...

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