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Cantonese Chicken with Mushrooms 2

Cantonese Chicken with Mushrooms

So as promised I am sharing with you’ll another non vegetarian delicacy. Hey vegetarian friends, please don’t go away, I have some amazing recipes lined up for you guys as well. So hang on....

French Onion Chicken 4

French Onion Chicken

I am going to be feeding you guys virtually with a whole lot of non vegetarian delicacies! All you non vegetarians get ready to go bananas. All my vegetarian friends, I got a lot...

Chicken Boiled Egg Cheesy Garlic Mayonnaise Sliders 0

Chicken Boiled Egg Cheesy Garlic Mayonnaise Sliders

Mayonnaise is delish-ious. Cheesy mayonnaise is insanely delish-ious. Garlic flavored cheesy mayonnaise is a bomb! It’s that one perfect mayonnaise that would make anyone go….”Oh my goodness….”. It’s an addiction, the most delicious addiction....

Yogurt Lamb Curry 2

Yogurt Lamb Curry

Lamb is the most popular meat used in Kashmiri cuisine and this Yogurt Lamb Curry is a marriage between rich flavors of different spices and well cooked meat sure enough a treat to the...

Goan Chicken Stew 0

Goan Chicken Stew

Goan Chicken Stew is a delicately flavored stew which has chicken and vegetables in it. A very tasty stew which is best served with rice(the way I like it). A bowl of piping hot...

Nadan Meen Kari 9

Nadan Meen Kari | Kerala Fish Curry

It’s been quite here for few days now. Were you wondering if I vanished!? I’m right here. So why wasn’t I blogging regularly, you may ask? It’s just one of those moments where you feel...

Kori Gassi – Kori Rotti 4

Kori Gassi – Kori Rotti

You guys are going to love this curry. Do not get intimidated with the bright red color! And if the color is giving you a hint that it is one hell of a spicy...

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