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Roasted Plum Breakfast Parfait 2

Roasted Plum Breakfast Parfait

Easy yogurt and granola breakfast parfait – The delicious combination of yogurt, roasted plums and granola is a delicious breakfast and an impressive dessert as well (I would serve it as snack too  ). This...

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Masala Peanuts

This recipe is deep fried version, if you are counting calories, follow the same procedure mentioned below and microwave it until cooked and turns crisp(about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes on high power in...


Tomato Carrot and Celery Soup

            Vegetable broth with tomatoes, carrot, celery, onions & garlic is perfect for the cloudy/winter days  There is not much rain this year, but the days are cloudy and...

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