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Beetballs Pasta 7

Beetballs Pasta

Be warned of the picture heavy post! It’s almost October and it’s sure gonna be one busy month. A lot of things falls on October. First, kids get their Dassera break of good 13-15...

Goan Chicken Stew 0

Goan Chicken Stew

Goan Chicken Stew is a delicately flavored stew which has chicken and vegetables in it. A very tasty stew which is best served with rice(the way I like it). A bowl of piping hot...

Matar Masala 4

Matar Masala

My mom is the cutest lady I ever have in my life. Well I’m talking about lady, there are more people in my life who are cutest and who make my life more meaning,...

Bagara Baigan 0

Bagara Baigan | Indian Egg plant Curry

Isn’t it weird that when the husband is travelling on work, the geezer, blender, washing machine, water purifier – all starts behaving crazy, or rather stops working! Is feels like almost planned that all...

Homemade Refried Beans 4

Homemade Refried Beans

You guys remember my last post? Mexican breakfast burrito bowls! While I was writing that post for my blog, I realized that I don’t have Mexican recipes at all on my blog(except one very...

Breakfast Burrito Bowl 1

Breakfast Burrito Bowls

Hiyaa, back to Monday routine! Monday blues and Tuesday grey kick in. But I am not sulking, you see when the week starts with this amazingly delish and filling day, you know the week...