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Nadan Meen Kari 9

Nadan Meen Kari | Kerala Fish Curry

It’s been quite here for few days now. Were you wondering if I vanished!? I’m right here. So why wasn’t I blogging regularly, you may ask? It’s just one of those moments where you feel...

Roasted Carrot Onion Soup 0

Roasted Carrot Onion Soup

A breath of fresh air, the cool wind gush in with a drizzle of rain drops through the open windows, pearly rain drops dripping through the window glass, it finally feels like monsoon here....

Kori Gassi – Kori Rotti 4

Kori Gassi – Kori Rotti

You guys are going to love this curry. Do not get intimidated with the bright red color! And if the color is giving you a hint that it is one hell of a spicy...

Garlic Chicken Cheese Balls 6

Garlic Chicken Cheese Balls

Every morning the bird chirping sound wakes me up. No, not the real bird’s song, my phone has set this alarm sound to bird chirping sound. The sound is peaceful but still loud enough...

Plum Rabadi 1

Plum Rabdi

Last month our blog CurryTrail turned 2. And on that occasion I started something new on my blog – introducing guest’s posts! My plan is to introduce all those amazing people whom I admire...

Chicken Xacuti 8

Chicken Xacuti

If you are in Goa, you definitely don’t want to miss tasting this Chicken Xacuti dish. I first tasted Chicken Xacuti when we visited Goa last year on holiday. It was in one of...

Strawberry Yogurt Bars 2

Strawberry Yogurt Bars

Why wasn’t there “yogurt” “snacks” until my adult life? As kids we never got to taste yogurt snacks. It would be safe to say we didn’t know there were snacks made of yogurt those...

Garlic Prawn Noodles in Creamy Sauce 3

Garlic Prawn Noodles in Creamy Sauce

  Oh hey! You guys ready for the weekend? Cool, because I am pretty excited about my weekend. I have already made plans for the entire weekend, starting from what to cook, where to...

Spinach and Egg Breakfast Pizza 3

Spinach and Egg Breakfast Pizza

What’s a better breakfast? It’s got to be breakfast pizza. You heard it right, hot fresh pizza served for breakfast. A spinach and egg breakfast pizza it is for today! The most important meal...