Curry Trail

Chicken Brinjal and Potato Curry 6

Chicken Brinjal and Potato Curry

Past few days it has been extremely hard for me to sit down and write. I’m having those moments of blank, dark space where the mind is wondering looking for words. I can’t seem...

Whole Wheat Mushroom Spinach Calzone 12

Whole Wheat Mushroom Spinach Calzone

Calzone is folded over stuffed pizza. These calzones are stuffed with mushrooms and spinach one of the most delicious and healthy combo. Low fat ricotta and mozzarella make these pizza pockets lower in saturated...

Green Peas Soup 7

Green Peas Soup

It’s almost March already. And I am excited as summer is almost here. Yay! I love summer! You may ask why? I love summer, because we get to eat as much ice cream as...

Jolada Rotti 18

Jolada Rotti | Jowar Bhakri

Jolada rotti is a specialty North Karnataka unleavened Indian bread made out of jowar (Sorghum), this rotti is not just delicious to taste but also good source of nutrients. The name literally translates into...

Beetroot Soup 6

Beetroot Soup

So winters are almost gone, at least in my part of the world. You know what is the best part before spring starts? The fall season! Yes in India during spring leaves shed unlike...

Peas Pulao 10

Peas Pulao | Matar Pulao

Very quickly packed my lunch box, tucked it in the bag, re visited my backpack just to ensure I have packed all the important stuff that I need for my class. Put my shoes...

Burani Raita 3

Burani Raita

This yogurt condiment  is creamy, cool, refreshing and packed with robust flavors. This burani raita makes a nice, cooling counterpart for any spicy Indian dishes, mostly biryanis and pulao’s.   If you are an...

Beans on Toast 6

Beans on Toast

An unbeatable team of baked beans, warm toast and running poached/fried eggs! Comfort meal that is healthy and delicious! Forget the canned beans, make them fresh at home. Breakfast is the most important meal...