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Chocolate Souffle by Jyothi Rajesh 7

Chocolate Souffle

Light and airy classic French dessert is a perfect way to treat your loved ones. Be it on Valentine’s day or a special dinner party you are hosting for your loved ones, this dish...

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Good Bye 2015, Welcome 2016

The year 2015 was a fulfilling one. I got serious about photography and learnt one or two things that took my photos a next level. Though it’s just a small improvement in my photos,...

Christmas Cookies RoundUp 16

Christmas Cookies Roundup

Christmas is around the corner. To help you gear up for holiday baking season, we have prepared this Christmas cookies Roundup, including a selection of some easy, some unique flavored cookies and some all...

Christmas Rich Rum Fruit Cake 6

Christmas Rich Rum Fruit Cake

I have spent good 10 years in Convent School during my school days, I have very fond memories of Christmas. The decoration, the jingles, Christmas was celebrated with zest every December in my School....

Ginger Bread Man Cookies 19

Ginger Bread Man Cookies(Egg less)

When Mom says no, it means “Definitely NO!”. And when dad says no, it means….No,… Maybe,..ok go ahead!  Grrrr…. Over the weekend we planned to go to a Christmas food festival. It was post...

Spicy Schezwan Noodles 16

Spicy Schezwan Noodles

I love Indo-Chinese food. Indo-Chinese cuisine is not purely Chinese cuisine. Please ignore the spelling mistake on the photo, unable to edit the photo to correct it. It’s Indianized versions of Chinese dishes with a few...

Manakish Zataar 9

Manakish Zataar

We do not have a television satellite connection at home now.  We used to have it 3 years back. Our daughter used to watch a lot of televisions earlier,. Though we had control on how...