Curry Trail

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Barley Minestrone Vegetable Soup

Pittar-Patter rain drops! Nothing seems wrong when it rains. It has been raining almost everyday here. And the rain drenched plants in my garden makes it such a welcoming sight. The best part about...

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Dill Leaves Cabbage Pakoda/Fritter

  I have a small space in my backyard where I do vegetable gardening. I grow a few vegetables and greens in there! Right now I have Dill leaves, palak leaves(green spinach), methi(fenugreek leaves),...

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Hasselback Potatoes

Past few days for some reason I have been experiencing restlessness. I think of doing something and then end up doing nothing at all. Once in a while I experience this and after a...

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No Churn Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Ingredients:- Recipe source – storyofcooks Heavy cream – 1 cups(I used amul fresh cream) Condensed milk – 1 can Vanilla bean – 1 Instructions:- 1. Chill heavy cream and condensed milk for few minutes...

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Choco Chip Cookies Using Wheat Flour

Here’s choco chip cookies using wheat flour – Ingredients:- Recipe adapted from fondbites Unsalted butter – 200 gms Granulated white sugar – 1 cup Dark brown sugar – 1/2 cup Eggs – 2 Vanilla...