My name is Jyothi Rajesh. I am a Bangalore based food enthusiast. I am a Food Photographer and a Food consultant. Having worked with some of the food delivery services, I am also well known for my food styling and food photography work. I have been involved in food consultation that includes recipe development, food styling and food photography. I blog at  http://currytrail.in

Are you looking for a professional to help you develop traditional or modern recipes?

Are you looking for creative ideas to use and promote your products?

You own a small or big company and what to publicize on social media?

I  am available to work with clients and promote their brands who fit my audience. I can also collaborate for editorial and design clients.

You can check my work by visiting my blog, http://currytrail.in

You can contact me at jyothi@currytrail.in


Still life photography

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Food Photography

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