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Chicken Chops 6

Chicken Chops

What was fun then? Fun was playing marbles and tops on a dirt road on bare foot. Fun was holding your best friends hands, walking on the streets without an destination to reach. Fun...

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Dill Leaves Cabbage Pakoda/Fritter

  I have a small space in my backyard where I do vegetable gardening. I grow a few vegetables and greens in there! Right now I have Dill leaves, palak leaves(green spinach), methi(fenugreek leaves),...

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Avocado Egg Sandwich | Healthy Eating

If you guys were wondering where did I go? Am I neglecting my blog space? Well, No Not at all! A little preoccupied on the personal front. My daughter had assessments this week and...

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Veg Empanada

Empanadas are a wonderful thing. In an empanada, the crust is going to provide the texture, and the filling is there primarily for flavor. Baking a delicious filling enclosed inside a melt in mouth...

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