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Cantonese Style Chicken Chowmein 1

Cantonese Style Chicken Chowmein

Any Chinese lovers here? I wouldn’t be surprised if all hands go up! We all love Chinese, don’t we. And we never have enough of Chinese options! Eating out – mostly the choice would...

Cantonese Chicken with Mushrooms 2

Cantonese Chicken with Mushrooms

So as promised I am sharing with you’ll another non vegetarian delicacy. Hey vegetarian friends, please don’t go away, I have some amazing recipes lined up for you guys as well. So hang on....

French Onion Chicken 4

French Onion Chicken

I am going to be feeding you guys virtually with a whole lot of non vegetarian delicacies! All you non vegetarians get ready to go bananas. All my vegetarian friends, I got a lot...

Chicken Boiled Egg Cheesy Garlic Mayonnaise Sliders 0

Chicken Boiled Egg Cheesy Garlic Mayonnaise Sliders

Mayonnaise is delish-ious. Cheesy mayonnaise is insanely delish-ious. Garlic flavored cheesy mayonnaise is a bomb! It’s that one perfect mayonnaise that would make anyone go….”Oh my goodness….”. It’s an addiction, the most delicious addiction....

Shish Tawook 5

Shish Tawook

It’s been a rough couple of days and respite came in the form of this shish tawook to lift up my mood. Got hurt badly, with black blood scars on my hand and a...

Chicken Cutlet 0

Chicken Cutlet

When it comes to chicken, I like them all! Curry it, roast it, fry it, or biryani it, I love them all! ‘biryani it’, is that even a word. Who cares, when there is...

Kori Gassi – Kori Rotti 4

Kori Gassi – Kori Rotti

You guys are going to love this curry. Do not get intimidated with the bright red color! And if the color is giving you a hint that it is one hell of a spicy...

Chicken Xacuti 8

Chicken Xacuti

If you are in Goa, you definitely don’t want to miss tasting this Chicken Xacuti dish. I first tasted Chicken Xacuti when we visited Goa last year on holiday. It was in one of...

SriLankan Chicken Curry 0

Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

Sri Lankan cuisine has a lot of influence from many historical and cultural factors. One among them is the Southern Indian cuisine. Sri Lankan cuisine is rather close to the Chettinad and Coastal regions...

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