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Gulkand Kala Jamun 2

Gulkand Kala Jamun

How many jamun lovers here? I won’t be surprised to see all hands going up! I won’t say I don’t like jamun, but yes I don’t eat sweets. I see a lot of rolling...

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Carrot Halwa | Gajar Ka Halwa

What do you do when you have a huge stock of carrots lying in the fridge? Well, naturally you would turn those humble carrots into halwa, right!? Exactly! Carrot halwa is most popular Indian...

Adhirasam 7

Adhirasam Recipe | Diwali Special Sweet

Adhirasam is a old traditional South Indian special sweet dish. This recipe has been passed down for generations. A rich sweet that is made of freshly ground rice flour and jaggery, it’s very addictive and very...

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