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Chia Seeds Vanilla Pudding_1 2

Chia Seeds Vanilla Pudding

Full sleeves, sweaters all packed Cottons are outs Fridge is stocked with loads of lemonades and cooling drinks Sun screens top the list of grocery shopping Freezer is packed full with ice creams Summer!...

Fresh Summer Salad 8

Fresh Summer Salad

Last weekend, hubby was bored of the usual regular meal I make on daily basis. He said, “let’s make this weekend different! Let’s go to Kerala!”. For a moment I thought, we are really...

Burani Raita 3

Burani Raita

This yogurt condiment  is creamy, cool, refreshing and packed with robust flavors. This burani raita makes a nice, cooling counterpart for any spicy Indian dishes, mostly biryanis and pulao’s.   If you are an...

Kachumber Salad 3

Kachumber Salad | Cucumber Salad

Have you ever felt so hungry that you felt like eating off any food that was in front of you? I have felt that quite a few times.  And the worst part is if...

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