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Petha Wadi Sabzi_2 2

Petha Wadi Sabzi

One of the very tempting sabzi is this Petha wadi sabzi. Wadi is moong dal wadi which is sun dried balls made of yellow lentils both split or whole ones with green skin on...

Rajma 3

Rajma Masala

As much as I love to play with my camera and spend time styling and shooting the food I created, there are time I just need to take that break, a much need break....

Dal Palak Dhaba Style 10

Dal Palak Dhaba Style

My son has curly hair. I mean he has REAL curly hair. Me, Raj nor Diya has curly hair, it’s just him. Well, my maternal side ancestors had curly hair, who I haven’t seen...

Whole Wheat Sonth ke Ladoo 6

Vivatta Whole Wheat Sonth ke Ladoo

Sweets can be indulgent and healthy at the same time. That is the best part of some Indian sweets and whole wheat sonth ke Ladoo falls under that category.  Not just these whole wheat...

Millet Khichdi 14

Millet Khichdi

When you think of khichdi, what first comes to your mind? “Comfort food”? But for me, khichdi reminds of a ‘not so comfortable incidence’ that happened today! Leaving kids with hubby for a couple...

Spring Onion Potato Sabzi 14

Spring Onion Potato Sabzi

I love potatoes. Simply love it in any form, even if it is paired with any other ingredient. Have you tried my chicken curry with potatoes and brinjal recipe yet? You will understand me...

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