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Idli Upma 6

Idli Upma

When we were kids, we were taught not to waste food. Well, our mom and dad never said anything specifically about not wasting food. The way we were bought up was any food served...

Kerala style Egg Stew 7

Kerala style Egg Curry/Stew

Oh it’s that month of the year when I’m gonna be busy preparing for 4 parties. 4 parties in one month you may ask! Yeah, strange except for our son’s birthday, all the other...

Kara Boondi 8

Kara Boondi

I have a happy news to share with you all! If you guys are following me, you would be aware of the house renovation work that was happening here and how much I was...

South Indian Style Vegetable Kurma 2

South Indian Style Vegetable Kurma

South Indian kurma is a delicious mild flavored mixed vegetable curry that is usually paired with chapathi or poori. Down South we call this special kurma as Chapathi kurma as we love to eat...

Kalyana Rasam 9

Kalyana Rasam

South Indian weddings are all about dressing up in traditional attire. Not just the bride, all women who go to attend the wedding drape a Kanchipuram silk sari and wear gold jewels. Every lady...

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