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Andhra Style Eggplant Curry

I’m an eggplant convert, from a hater to lover!!! Now I love eggplant in any and all forms!! How about you?? Even if you are a person who hates brinjals, you must try this...

Bihari Kale Channe Ki Ghugni 19

Bihari Kale Channe Ki Ghugni

One of the most cheapest and filling food from the varieties of street food. It can be served with almost everything, pori, parathas, rotis, or just as it is plain ghugni which is sure...

Misal Pav 8

Misal Pav

Misal pav is a  Maharashtrian street food made  from mixed sprouts. The word “misal” in Marathi language mean “mixture”. Usal or misal pav is a spicy curry served as breakfast along with pav(freshly baked...

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Pavakka Vathal Kozhumbhu | Dried Bitter Gourd Spicy Curry

Vathal kozhumbhu is a traditional and authentic dish from Tamil Nadu. Vathal translates to ‘Sun-dried’ vegetables. Vegetables like sundakkai(‘turkey berry’), manathakali( ‘sunberry’ or ‘wonder cherry’), pavaka(bitter gourd), chillies are usually sun-dried and made into...

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