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Bhindi Kadhi 10

Bhindi Kadhi

In the sweltering heat, nothing is as comforting as a bowl of cool, refreshing bhindi kadhi paired with rice or sipped as it is. What is the hardest part of cooking? No, it’s not...

Fresh Summer Salad 8

Fresh Summer Salad

Last weekend, hubby was bored of the usual regular meal I make on daily basis. He said, “let’s make this weekend different! Let’s go to Kerala!”. For a moment I thought, we are really...

DSC_0651_1401 12

Mango Lemonade | Mango Mania #14

Lemonade is a simple refreshing drink. A drink can’t taste any better than this one. Lemonade is very popular among people all over the world. When mangoes are in season, mango lemonade is a...

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